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For those who don’t know about #twebrelief lots of us are Ebaying our own items, just like the celebs with the proceeds going to Comic Relief. This is mine.

Anyone who knows me and who reads this blog knows my love for all things vintage and Pin Up. So of course my prize to the winning bidder is a big box of Essential Pin Up goodies. Transform yourself, and this is all you need!

The listing is here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110660403802#ht_2346wt_932

Here are some pictures!



Please do some bidding and lets get this going!

We all know that #twitrelief is auctioning off follows and prizes from celebs with the proceeds are going to Comic Relief and everyone is happy!

But here’s the thing, it needn’t just be for celebs, loads of amazing twitter people out there who aren’t celebs have great things to offer! Amazing crafters, great artists, tech heads, designers, brilliant shops, bakers, bloggers! There is a huge network of people who have great fun things to offer and want to do something for comic relief to raise money why not let this be it?

So here it is, we have our own #plebtwitrelief same as the celebs but with our own prizes, and the proceeds still going to comic relief! So how can you get involved!? Read on!


1. I want to join in but I don’t know what I’m meant to do first?

First of all decide what you want your prize to be, it can be something really small or big or even completely hilarious and random. It is up to you, perhaps pick something you think others might want? Some of our participants are artists so are doing a custom drawing for the winning! Others are giving some posh deli cupcakes, we have mug collections from an amazing store, we even have some New York friends doing a New York care package for the winner of their auction. The prize can be anything, maybe you run an online shop, or have an etsy account, are you a florist, will you clean the winners dog, redesign their webpage, give them an iphone tutorial, do you have a spare ticket to a show? Any prize you want!

2. How does it work?

Well pop on to eBay once you have your prize picked, maybe take a nice photo of it, or if you want to custom make something for your winner, pop some other pictures of things you’ve done onto the page so they get an idea of what you’re offering.

List yourself as a seller, give all the information about the proceeds going to Comic Relief, let your buyers know you’re part of Pleb Twit Relief. Detail what your prize entails for any buyers and click the button indicating that the proceeds are going to charity. Your auction can be however long you want it. Aim for it to finish perhaps just a little before the big Comic Relief night so you can avail of the publicity and people wanting to get involved.

Put your link on your twitter account directly to your ebay auction and let EVERYONE know about it!

3.What do I do once the prize has been bought?

Like any other auction invoice the seller, thank them for buying, collect the prize money and send out the goodies. Once you’re done pop on to the Comic Relief website https://www.rednoseday.com/donate?  source=ppcgpaid_cam_Fundraising_adgrp_Donate

Then send them the money you’ve collected from your auction. I know naysayers out there will be all ‘oh but how can you make sure they give the money’ I trust you all, I think if you’re going to all the trouble to get involved you’re going to be awesome enough to send all your winnings to Comic Relief. If people want to keep the p&p costs it is absolutely up to them.

4.I don’t want to set up an auction, can I still get involved?

Of course you can! You can BID! You’re the most important part, the bidders are generating the awesome monies for Comic Relief!

If you want to be involved but don’t want to set up an auction maybe you can give your prize to another participant and they can auction and send it on ebay for you?

It is up to you.

From pairs of tickets to the movies, driving lessons, a hand knitted scarf, a lovingly made cake, anything goes! Lets raise some money for Comic Relief!

If you don’t want to do it but do want to donate to our effort go here ! http://my.rednoseday.com/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=60030

c.s lewisI love libraries.

I find them sanctuaries away from the real world. As a child I was brought to my local library and given my very own library ticket. At 6 this was a huge deal. My grandmother and I would go every Saturday afternoon, the library ticket with my name on it clutched in my hand and we would pick books. When you’re 6 the responsibility and the amazement that comes with owning your very own key to free books is huge. I very proudly would hold it whilst I scoured the shelves.

The children’s section was like a vast world apart from anything else I’d known. In reality now its just a corner of the library with some smaller plastic seats, but to me it was everything.

I’d look at the books that we read in school, I’d look for the ones that the kids in my class always hogged, the ones which had a waiting list because they were the funniest. There they were though, on the shelf. Waiting just for me. No waiting list, no worrying about when I would get it. It was in front of me. I could pick it up and take it home then and there.


It escalated from there. The book of the moment Trouble with the Fiend was a comedic book about a friend that was essentially awful. Think the Cramp Twins from the CBBC show and you’re there. But in my class we could not get enough of that book. When the library van came to our school we all clamoured to see if there were more as rumour had it there might be a series of them. Like the books of the time they used to display the first few pages of the next book at the back. But here I was in the town library and in front of me were ALL SIX of the series.

I can tell you right now, I can still recall the glee of that moment. It has been rivalled only by my arrival in Las Vegas, nerdy but true that’s how excited it made me.

These were the days before Amazon, ok there was a local book shop that I would frequent every week with my pocket money when I was 10 and 11 and they would order me things that they didn’t stock, but this was before that.

Books were the most enthralling things to me. As a kid I used to drag about my box set of Beatrix Potter, or my current instalment of Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree.  Being able to read by myself introduced me to worlds I’d never known before. The wonder of being able to pick up a book and go on an adventure, or learn something that you didn’t know before, to me it just seemed amazing.

So throughout my years I travelled to the lands at the top of the tree with Moonface and Silky, I went through Wonderland with Alice, stole crops with Peter Rabbit and into Narnia with Aslan. I went on all these journeys  just with a book in my hand and it’s stayed with me all my life.

My fondness (read obsession) with Alice in Wonderland and so many of my childhood favourites, is when I pick them up again I get all of the excitement that I had the first time I read them. Maybe I’m old, maybe I snuck in before the prevalence of video games. But my Sega Megadrive and my Game Boy never matched the books that I had. Over the years and many degrees later I don’t get much time to read fiction. Years of writing a PhD thesis have taught me speed reading and how to cut through a density of text, oh and exactly how much I can take before I have a stonking headache. These days reading for me is work, it’s trying to work out exactly what a long dead philosopher meant when they were talking about their own made up concept. It is trying to desperately tear through books at as fast a pace as possible to glean their information so I can move through the pile staring at me in unread smugness and try to work out if I’ve left anything out in my bibliography.

The enjoyment for me has been put on hold. But when I step inside a town library it all comes soaring back. The children’s corner, the little stacks, the quiet and the potential. Always the potential for knowledge and learning. It heartens me. When I’m blue that’s usually where I can be found, sitting scaring the children on the plastic seats.

Libraries present the best things in life. They’re full of stories and wonder, potential and relative calm, it makes you feel like nothing bad could ever happen here. (Doctor Who fans may point out the Vashna Nerada, but I haven’t seen them recently.) They’re like little calm portals away from the hectic outside world and I love them.

Now I may need to move as this pink plastic chair is cutting off circulation to my hips.

This has been a busy weekend, I’ve assembled some pictures which haven’t all been this weekend but some from last too.

I know your eyes are not deceiving you, that is indeed a full body picture of me. Possibly the first one since 2005 (‘ not even kidding) so erm yes quite a big deal and a decent indicator of 1. how much champagne I’d had. 2. How much I like the dress.


Lots of shopping at the fantabulous Soap and Glory, pots of tea, bunches of tulips, Wonderwoman pants, dog walking, dinners out and baby pictures.

It has been a lot of fun, I especially loved getting all dressed up for drinking and dancing to Rhi Rhi in The Washington with Gary and Claire. I hadn’t been there really before but it was pretty cool. The bar clears out a lot downstairs as everyone moves upstairs to dance, lovely. Easy to get a drink and then be able to shoot upstairs for a dance whilst the boys have a natter downstairs. Great night. And it gave me an excellent excuse to wear my lace dress.

I’m tired just thinking about it.

hair tutorial

This is so easy, and the more you practise the faster you’ll get. These are some little victory rolls, they’re not the full ones but I think these are slightly more wearable.

1. Section off hair.Keep your front section down.

2. Pull hair to the side.

3.Pull hair out and roll it back on itself.

4. Roll it round until you get a shape that looks smooth.

5. Pin, from the back it so they aren’t so obvious. Use as many pins as you need to, but mainly secure the base of the twist. The roll should be twisted round on itself, you should be fastening at the bottom, in the roll.

6. Take the other side of the hair, this will be a smaller roll. Pull it out.

7. Using the same scissor technique with your fingers, loop it back on itself.  Fasten with pins.

8. Spray liberally with hair spray. Add flower clip for decoration. You can pin the rest of your hair up for a very 1940’s look complete with tea dress. Or leave it down and curl the ends.


pink hair

Ive been asked quite a few questions about the pink/purple hair, and I’ve promised to put up some decent photos in the light. Above is the best I can do. I took it the other day so its fairly recent.

Ok so I’ve been through my feed and I think I’ve got the most asked ones, I know I did a previous post similar to this but it might be better to get them all in the one place as I get asked a lot of the same questions. This seems gloriously indulgent but hopefully it’ll answer some of the questions I’ve been asked.

1. What dye do you use?

I use cyclamen by Crazy Colours. It’s a purpley pink, you can buy it online or in any Sally’s Beauty Supplies. It comes in heaps of different colours. It is a semi permanent dye.

2. What if I can’t find crazy colours?

That’s ok, there is also another brand called Rusk which they also do in Sally’s or online. I used it when my hair was a dark purple. The colours are really similar and it’s also a semi permanent dye. One of the reasons I use crazy colours instead of Rusk is that I find Rusk doesn’t last very long. I got really fed up of having to constantly redo the colour nearly every time I washed it. I’m sure if you have more bleached sections in your hair it may hold longer. But for me Crazy Colours was the way forward.

3. What’s your natural colour?

My hair is naturally a dark blonde, but Ive had it a darkish brown for a few years when I dyed my hair cyclamen it was from a dark brown.

4. Will the colour take to my hair?

This honestly depends on so many factors. The person who asked this was dark haired though so I’ll answer on that front. My hair was dark when I dyed it, I wanted some lighter hued segments and an overall purpley tone so I bleached up sections of my hair. Chunkier slices at the bottom and smaller strips at the top. The dye will be most vibrant on the bleached pieces. Its nice to do it all over the hair because then you’ll get a much nicer tonal effect.

If you don’t want to bleach your hair, it will still take but it’ll just not be as bright It depends on the colour you’re putting it on. If its a lighter colour it’ll be stronger, darker colours will have less of an impact. If you’re interested have a look at the darker bits of my hair, its plummy but nowhere near as bright as the other bits which have been bleached.

5. Is it hard to put the dye on?

Really the most annoying bit is the bleaching. If you’re going to bleach it depending on the colour of your hair you’ll need a stronger peroxide. I use 12% because mine is darker but it bleaches it right up. I just use gloves and segment the hair and put it on, once on blast it with a hair drier to speed the process. With bleaching unless you want an all over lightness less is more you can always add later and smaller sections of brightness are easier to deal with when it grows out.

Adding the crazy colours is the more tricky part. Not because its difficult but because although the facets of crazy colours is that its long lasting, this also means its an absolute nightmare to get off anything it comes into contact with.

You MUST wear gloves.

You MUST use vaseline or something similar round your hair line etc as it just doesn’t budge. With normal box dye, it isn’t very hard to get out of skin etc but this is a whole other beast entirely. I once jumped into the shower to wash it off, by the time I had washed it out most of my body was BRIGHT PINK.

It takes quite a few washes to get the dye out so I’d say plenty of shampoo and keep your gloves on when washing it off. Try and avoid any skin contact with the dye full stop! It has great longevity but short of straight bleach it is a nightmare to get off skin and bathroom fittings. (Im really selling it aren’t I?) But its best you know what to expect.

6.How long will it stay on?

Most of the time when I’m redoing mine it’s because my roots are coming through or because the dye has faded but not usually because it has come out. So it depends on how much you wash your hair, how porous it is. I’d estimate maybe 8-10 washes in my hair. It can be trial and error usually it’ll just fade the more you wash.

7. How come your hair isn’t as bright as the colour?

There’s a couple of reasons for it, firstly my hair was really dark and Im not a big fan of bleach, my hair is thick, curly and prone to dryness. Add bleach to that mixture and it turns to straw. So I’ve basically taken to doing little bit by little bit. I use Aussie leave in conditioner as well just to stop it getting too damaged. I’ve done about 3 rounds of bleach in my hair now, so it is interspersed with really bright sections but the others are less so.

Secondly I just didn’t want an all over flat colour, it looks amazing on some people but I like being darkish. and the tonal elements make it look a bit more natural, if pink can be natural. Maybe I just mean the lay out of the colour seems more natural.

8. Why do you dye your hair at all?

Because alas, I am not a natural pink.

Hope this helped and I answered all the variations of questions. Happy dying and please let me know how the colours go, that means pictures!