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This has been a busy weekend, I’ve assembled some pictures which haven’t all been this weekend but some from last too.

I know your eyes are not deceiving you, that is indeed a full body picture of me. Possibly the first one since 2005 (‘ not even kidding) so erm yes quite a big deal and a decent indicator of 1. how much champagne I’d had. 2. How much I like the dress.


Lots of shopping at the fantabulous Soap and Glory, pots of tea, bunches of tulips, Wonderwoman pants, dog walking, dinners out and baby pictures.

It has been a lot of fun, I especially loved getting all dressed up for drinking and dancing to Rhi Rhi in The Washington with Gary and Claire. I hadn’t been there really before but it was pretty cool. The bar clears out a lot downstairs as everyone moves upstairs to dance, lovely. Easy to get a drink and then be able to shoot upstairs for a dance whilst the boys have a natter downstairs. Great night. And it gave me an excellent excuse to wear my lace dress.

I’m tired just thinking about it.


hair tutorial

This is so easy, and the more you practise the faster you’ll get. These are some little victory rolls, they’re not the full ones but I think these are slightly more wearable.

1. Section off hair.Keep your front section down.

2. Pull hair to the side.

3.Pull hair out and roll it back on itself.

4. Roll it round until you get a shape that looks smooth.

5. Pin, from the back it so they aren’t so obvious. Use as many pins as you need to, but mainly secure the base of the twist. The roll should be twisted round on itself, you should be fastening at the bottom, in the roll.

6. Take the other side of the hair, this will be a smaller roll. Pull it out.

7. Using the same scissor technique with your fingers, loop it back on itself.  Fasten with pins.

8. Spray liberally with hair spray. Add flower clip for decoration. You can pin the rest of your hair up for a very 1940’s look complete with tea dress. Or leave it down and curl the ends.


pink hair

Ive been asked quite a few questions about the pink/purple hair, and I’ve promised to put up some decent photos in the light. Above is the best I can do. I took it the other day so its fairly recent.

Ok so I’ve been through my feed and I think I’ve got the most asked ones, I know I did a previous post similar to this but it might be better to get them all in the one place as I get asked a lot of the same questions. This seems gloriously indulgent but hopefully it’ll answer some of the questions I’ve been asked.

1. What dye do you use?

I use cyclamen by Crazy Colours. It’s a purpley pink, you can buy it online or in any Sally’s Beauty Supplies. It comes in heaps of different colours. It is a semi permanent dye.

2. What if I can’t find crazy colours?

That’s ok, there is also another brand called Rusk which they also do in Sally’s or online. I used it when my hair was a dark purple. The colours are really similar and it’s also a semi permanent dye. One of the reasons I use crazy colours instead of Rusk is that I find Rusk doesn’t last very long. I got really fed up of having to constantly redo the colour nearly every time I washed it. I’m sure if you have more bleached sections in your hair it may hold longer. But for me Crazy Colours was the way forward.

3. What’s your natural colour?

My hair is naturally a dark blonde, but Ive had it a darkish brown for a few years when I dyed my hair cyclamen it was from a dark brown.

4. Will the colour take to my hair?

This honestly depends on so many factors. The person who asked this was dark haired though so I’ll answer on that front. My hair was dark when I dyed it, I wanted some lighter hued segments and an overall purpley tone so I bleached up sections of my hair. Chunkier slices at the bottom and smaller strips at the top. The dye will be most vibrant on the bleached pieces. Its nice to do it all over the hair because then you’ll get a much nicer tonal effect.

If you don’t want to bleach your hair, it will still take but it’ll just not be as bright It depends on the colour you’re putting it on. If its a lighter colour it’ll be stronger, darker colours will have less of an impact. If you’re interested have a look at the darker bits of my hair, its plummy but nowhere near as bright as the other bits which have been bleached.

5. Is it hard to put the dye on?

Really the most annoying bit is the bleaching. If you’re going to bleach it depending on the colour of your hair you’ll need a stronger peroxide. I use 12% because mine is darker but it bleaches it right up. I just use gloves and segment the hair and put it on, once on blast it with a hair drier to speed the process. With bleaching unless you want an all over lightness less is more you can always add later and smaller sections of brightness are easier to deal with when it grows out.

Adding the crazy colours is the more tricky part. Not because its difficult but because although the facets of crazy colours is that its long lasting, this also means its an absolute nightmare to get off anything it comes into contact with.

You MUST wear gloves.

You MUST use vaseline or something similar round your hair line etc as it just doesn’t budge. With normal box dye, it isn’t very hard to get out of skin etc but this is a whole other beast entirely. I once jumped into the shower to wash it off, by the time I had washed it out most of my body was BRIGHT PINK.

It takes quite a few washes to get the dye out so I’d say plenty of shampoo and keep your gloves on when washing it off. Try and avoid any skin contact with the dye full stop! It has great longevity but short of straight bleach it is a nightmare to get off skin and bathroom fittings. (Im really selling it aren’t I?) But its best you know what to expect.

6.How long will it stay on?

Most of the time when I’m redoing mine it’s because my roots are coming through or because the dye has faded but not usually because it has come out. So it depends on how much you wash your hair, how porous it is. I’d estimate maybe 8-10 washes in my hair. It can be trial and error usually it’ll just fade the more you wash.

7. How come your hair isn’t as bright as the colour?

There’s a couple of reasons for it, firstly my hair was really dark and Im not a big fan of bleach, my hair is thick, curly and prone to dryness. Add bleach to that mixture and it turns to straw. So I’ve basically taken to doing little bit by little bit. I use Aussie leave in conditioner as well just to stop it getting too damaged. I’ve done about 3 rounds of bleach in my hair now, so it is interspersed with really bright sections but the others are less so.

Secondly I just didn’t want an all over flat colour, it looks amazing on some people but I like being darkish. and the tonal elements make it look a bit more natural, if pink can be natural. Maybe I just mean the lay out of the colour seems more natural.

8. Why do you dye your hair at all?

Because alas, I am not a natural pink.

Hope this helped and I answered all the variations of questions. Happy dying and please let me know how the colours go, that means pictures!


Ah Valentines. Personally although me and himself have had a lot on our minds which have been weighing heavy on us, we still had a wee bit of time to do Valentines. We kinda cancelled it until we got results etc but we didn’t pull in a bad haul.

Himself sent me a beautiful rose bouquet and chocolates which I utterly adore. He also bought me my pug Fluff wallet and a very pretty crown charm for my Truth bracelet.

In the picture you can see the card I bought him. High praise indeed no? I also got him 4 sets of Grindhouse Movies from the LA Grindhouse Movie festival. They comprise 56 movies, including ‘They Saved Hitler’s Brain‘  Sounds like a cracker no? Either way he’s pretty chuffed.

The fact I didn’t have a vase I liked for my flowers meant I had to create one. So I made this little pin-up cover inspired number and used the remaining pictures to revitalise a sad little frame which had been languishing in the cupboard. I rather like them.

Laters Lovelies


twilight edward cullen

The Ulster Hall brought a classic to the big screen last Tuesday. Murnau’s  silent German film from 1922 was to be shown with live organ accompaniment in the main auditorium. It seemed to be just what Belfast wanted, with the hall being full with avid lovers of film looking for more than just the conventional experience.

It offered the ability for an audience to experience a filmic event unlike any other. Some turned up in the garb of the twenties -myself included, finger waves, flapper chic and lots of beads. There were head bands and hair feathers, sharp suits and loose morals, it was the 1920’s again. Some went to great lengths to come as vampires themselves, cue pasty faces and blood trickles. I didn’t see any shaved heads like Orlok’s but I’m betting there was at least one.

The film was accompanied by the Mulholland Organ, played by Martin Baker who improvised the score throughout the whole film, playing whilst watching a small monitor. His skill and expertise was able to be seen throughout, simultaneously drawing the audience in with the soft threatening tones of Orlok’s approach and the final balcony shaking power of the film’s final crescendo. An absolute tour de force from Baker whose bow in front of the screen to rapturous applause mimicked the iconic shadowed Nosferatu image.

The night in all was a huge success. The ability of a 90-year-old film to still be absolutely terrifying in its otherness, is a testament to the skill with which it was created.

So ‘don’t take any wooden nickels’, and be there for the next one.

Laters Dollbabies!

 bat man

I’ve done decoupage for a long time. I often whip it out for unusual gifts for friends, frames, vases etc. This time I had the ‘brainwave’ that himself needed a tv unit for his x-box, tv and dvd player. How dull though just to give him a boring unit. So I went out and bought a little wooden entertainment centre and sanded it down and went bat crazy on it.

I should point out at this moment he is a very big Batman fan, I’m not quite that random.

-‘Oh hey babe I made you a bat table’

-‘Erm, thanks very much but why?’

Yeah not like that. He’s a bit of a Bat nerd so out came the glue and I finally gave him the history of the Batcomic, from the first days in print to the most recent work and amazing art. Plus I had a brief foray into AAAAADAM WEST! He completely loves it. Its one of a kind. I keep meaning to sell all the stuff I have made, pin-up girl dressers, burlesque bedside tables etc. Maybe at some point I will.

This picture is rubbish but it is pretty fun.

Off to decoupage some more stuff!


ulster hall belfast

I’ve been a fan of Moviebar since it opened, it’s a cinema at the Ulster Hall on Bedford Street. It specialises in nights of film double bills. It’s like a cinema in your living room. There are huge sofas and bean bags and not forgetting the bar at the back of the screen. They’ve shown everything from Elvis nights, to horror nights. Blaxploitation films with the eponymous Pam Grier in Coffy to 1970’s  girl gang chic with The Switchblade Sisters and this weekend sees the long-awaited ‘Action Bingo’ night.

The mention of ‘Action Bingo’ came prior to the movie screening at the last night. From what I can garner it is Jean-Claude van Damme in Hard Target followed by (the man the legend) Chuck Norris in Invasion USA. It seems to be a game of bingo complete with cards and apparently prizes. I cannot wait! I’ve already booked tickets for me and 2 of my friends.

After John Waters night we were all chatting to the other guys behind us. They were huge John Waters fans and spent time often saying the iconic lines along with the amazing Divine in Pink Flamingos. It was far too funny! After the screenings we all stayed and chatted there was such brilliant banter from them. I suppose that is the thing about really cult films, nowhere else in Belfast shows them, I’d never seen either of those films, and actually hadn’t heard of blaxploitation or the Switchblade Sisters before I came.

I feel a bit more educated about less well-known film now. They’re films that probably if I was going to a conventional cinema I would never pick. Unfortunately too many cinemas locally only pick the high art house films or the Hollywood blockbusters and it’s really nice to have the option to go to a cinema like this which is more of an event than just movie watching habit.

With a movie double bill both films are linked by director, theme or even genre and if you haven’t heard of them after the first you’re usually more than willing to stay for the second.  There’s something really decadent and homey about having a couple of glasses of wine as we’re watching, it is exactly like being in your front room only with an utterly massive screen and thankfully without having pets stomping over you. Usually we’re sprawled on the sofas munching on cupcakes drinking wine enjoying the atmosphere.

One thing I’ve noticed from going to as many of the Movie nights as I can, it is how few people know about it. When my friends mention it to other people outside of their circle, they haven’t heard of it. Which is such a shame. Although there is something lovely about not having to be squeezed in! It still seems like bar a few regulars huge swathes of people who would probably love it don’t even know about it. It seems such a shame.

I am absolutely bouncing with excitement about ‘Action Bingo’ and with Nosferatu tickets booked for tomorrow night and 1920’s flapper wear picked out for it, its lovely to see the emergence of film in the Ulster Hall’s repertoire. I cannot wait to see where the film programme is going to go next. So get yourselves down there folks and say hi to me, I’ll probably share the cake.  Long live the MovieBar and long may it reign as Belfast’s only cult cinema!

Bingo! (Just practicing for friday)