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Once upon a time I was foolish enough to ask a silly question. Whats the best foundation for flawless coverage? I received a lot of answers and more than one was Estée Lauder double wear. A week later I was getting my hair done at Vintage Rocks salon and my stylist and I were talking foundations. She whipped out hers which she said was amazing, lo and behold it was Estée Lauder Double Wear. So I took the cosmic hint and went and bought some.

Buy it if- You have oily skin, and a spare £25.50 that you have nothing better to do with. Or if you’re having trouble keeping foundation on your skin.

Don’t buy it if- Your skin is in any way dry, even normal/dry. If you have any fine lines or wrinkles in combination with this skin type avoid like the plague.


When I had coughed up the money, I was so excited, I literally ran home to try out my new foundation which would give me Hollywood flawless skin.

Oh how disappointed I was.

First of all the bottle is very luxe double glass, nice and weighty. The liquid itself is pretty dense but no much more than others of the same type. When I applied it, I used a sponge applicator and put it on skin which had been treated with my Smashbox Primer.

It doesn’t spread very well, initially I wasn’t surprised mainly because it’s a foundation which is designed to stay in place, so moving shouldn’t be high on its list of features.

Once on, was I bowled over by how smashing I looked? In short, no. I looked about 5 years older for a start, which is not what any woman wants (unless she’s 14 and buying cider). My skin may have looked as if it was clear, but it looked so caked on and dry that I genuinely thought I looked like I was about do go on stage with heavy stage make up.

So I tried a different tactic. I split it with my Soap and Glory Bright Here, Bright Now to reduce its heaviness, add a little less density. So was it better? It wasn’t as heavy but it still looked dreadful. It got to the point where I was literally using the tiniest amount of it to 3/4 moisturizer and I still didn’t like the result.

Most of the people whose reviews I have read on it have oily skin and have liked the product, those with drier skin haven’t liked it at all. I suspect for the same reason as myself it just looks awful. Caked on foundation doesn’t look good on anyone, it ages people hugely. Dewy, light and good highlighting is the way forward. This foundation did not give me this.

So I have a rather expensive foundation that I occasionally use as a concealer. It works pretty good as a concealer but as a foundation, avoid it if you don’t have oily skin!


review soap and gloryWish Upon a Jar is a face cream, It’s a 21 Day course that I’m on day 5 of, hence this being the 1st part of the review. I wanted to give you some thoughts on the differences 5 days in. So my ‘buy it’ and ‘don’t buy  its’ will be based on results so far, let’s get cracking!

Buy it if -You need a moisture kick for your skin and want something that’ll give you seriously soft skin, seriously quickly.

Don’t buy it if- you don’t want to deal with 21 days of putting on a cream. But to be honest I’m grasping at straws here, I haven’t found any negatives yet.

Approx- £14.50

Looks- This is a fabulous looking little package, it looks like a little shiny sphere. Mirrored and gorgeous. It screws open and inside  is a peachy coloured thickish cream.

So what’s the craic?- Well this first 5 days I have used it religiously. Once a  night, no more and no less. The package says only apply it once a day and don’t overuse.  Soap and Glory claim it ‘boosts moisture levels, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, brightens tired skin and hides imperfections’  this is over 21 days.

So 5 days in and is there a difference? Well from the first time I used it I noticed the cream made my skin stay moist and soft all day. Because of this any make up went on really smoothly and it just felt great. I feel really fortunate anyway as I’m blessed with pretty good skin and I don’t have any lines yet, but I have noticed even in just 5 days my skin looks fresher. It looks as if I’ve just exfoliated. You know that sleuced fresh look, that you get when it’s all new skin? Yup that.

I just can’t get over the softness though, for some people it might be a bit much, perhaps if you have naturally greasy skin it may make you feel like your skin is even greasier. I cannot say. I have always had skin which has been dryish, not excessively so but I haven’t had greasy skin so those who are affected by it may need to try it themselves to get a better idea of how it affects their skin.

So am I going to continue using it? Absolutely. I wore no foundation or brightener the other day at all. Just plain ol my face so I’m gonna be interested to see how it progresses.

See you in a week for the day 12 review!


My twitter followers know that recently I got the all clear from cancer. At some point I will no doubt do a post on it, but right now I’m just not in a place where I want to talk about it and dig it all up. But that’s another conversation.

What I do want to do is give them back even a quarter of what they did for me. The amazing staff and consultants saved my life and for that I am massively grateful. So I will be doing the Race for Life this May.

This is fine in theory but I don’t really run, I tend to look ridiculous when I try it, I’m also massively unfit. So I shall be working my arse off (quite literally) to get fit and do my 5k in a blaze of pink and not too much huffing and puffing!

If you would like to, and if you could spare a couple of quid you can go here


and give me some money. That would be totally bitchin of you and you can also point and laugh at me looking knackered and have a Mars bar for me.

Thank you



Ah Valentines. Personally although me and himself have had a lot on our minds which have been weighing heavy on us, we still had a wee bit of time to do Valentines. We kinda cancelled it until we got results etc but we didn’t pull in a bad haul.

Himself sent me a beautiful rose bouquet and chocolates which I utterly adore. He also bought me my pug Fluff wallet and a very pretty crown charm for my Truth bracelet.

In the picture you can see the card I bought him. High praise indeed no? I also got him 4 sets of Grindhouse Movies from the LA Grindhouse Movie festival. They comprise 56 movies, including ‘They Saved Hitler’s Brain‘  Sounds like a cracker no? Either way he’s pretty chuffed.

The fact I didn’t have a vase I liked for my flowers meant I had to create one. So I made this little pin-up cover inspired number and used the remaining pictures to revitalise a sad little frame which had been languishing in the cupboard. I rather like them.

Laters Lovelies


twilight edward cullen

The Ulster Hall brought a classic to the big screen last Tuesday. Murnau’s  silent German film from 1922 was to be shown with live organ accompaniment in the main auditorium. It seemed to be just what Belfast wanted, with the hall being full with avid lovers of film looking for more than just the conventional experience.

It offered the ability for an audience to experience a filmic event unlike any other. Some turned up in the garb of the twenties -myself included, finger waves, flapper chic and lots of beads. There were head bands and hair feathers, sharp suits and loose morals, it was the 1920’s again. Some went to great lengths to come as vampires themselves, cue pasty faces and blood trickles. I didn’t see any shaved heads like Orlok’s but I’m betting there was at least one.

The film was accompanied by the Mulholland Organ, played by Martin Baker who improvised the score throughout the whole film, playing whilst watching a small monitor. His skill and expertise was able to be seen throughout, simultaneously drawing the audience in with the soft threatening tones of Orlok’s approach and the final balcony shaking power of the film’s final crescendo. An absolute tour de force from Baker whose bow in front of the screen to rapturous applause mimicked the iconic shadowed Nosferatu image.

The night in all was a huge success. The ability of a 90-year-old film to still be absolutely terrifying in its otherness, is a testament to the skill with which it was created.

So ‘don’t take any wooden nickels’, and be there for the next one.

Laters Dollbabies!

 bat man

I’ve done decoupage for a long time. I often whip it out for unusual gifts for friends, frames, vases etc. This time I had the ‘brainwave’ that himself needed a tv unit for his x-box, tv and dvd player. How dull though just to give him a boring unit. So I went out and bought a little wooden entertainment centre and sanded it down and went bat crazy on it.

I should point out at this moment he is a very big Batman fan, I’m not quite that random.

-‘Oh hey babe I made you a bat table’

-‘Erm, thanks very much but why?’

Yeah not like that. He’s a bit of a Bat nerd so out came the glue and I finally gave him the history of the Batcomic, from the first days in print to the most recent work and amazing art. Plus I had a brief foray into AAAAADAM WEST! He completely loves it. Its one of a kind. I keep meaning to sell all the stuff I have made, pin-up girl dressers, burlesque bedside tables etc. Maybe at some point I will.

This picture is rubbish but it is pretty fun.

Off to decoupage some more stuff!


ulster hall belfast

I’ve been a fan of Moviebar since it opened, it’s a cinema at the Ulster Hall on Bedford Street. It specialises in nights of film double bills. It’s like a cinema in your living room. There are huge sofas and bean bags and not forgetting the bar at the back of the screen. They’ve shown everything from Elvis nights, to horror nights. Blaxploitation films with the eponymous Pam Grier in Coffy to 1970’s  girl gang chic with The Switchblade Sisters and this weekend sees the long-awaited ‘Action Bingo’ night.

The mention of ‘Action Bingo’ came prior to the movie screening at the last night. From what I can garner it is Jean-Claude van Damme in Hard Target followed by (the man the legend) Chuck Norris in Invasion USA. It seems to be a game of bingo complete with cards and apparently prizes. I cannot wait! I’ve already booked tickets for me and 2 of my friends.

After John Waters night we were all chatting to the other guys behind us. They were huge John Waters fans and spent time often saying the iconic lines along with the amazing Divine in Pink Flamingos. It was far too funny! After the screenings we all stayed and chatted there was such brilliant banter from them. I suppose that is the thing about really cult films, nowhere else in Belfast shows them, I’d never seen either of those films, and actually hadn’t heard of blaxploitation or the Switchblade Sisters before I came.

I feel a bit more educated about less well-known film now. They’re films that probably if I was going to a conventional cinema I would never pick. Unfortunately too many cinemas locally only pick the high art house films or the Hollywood blockbusters and it’s really nice to have the option to go to a cinema like this which is more of an event than just movie watching habit.

With a movie double bill both films are linked by director, theme or even genre and if you haven’t heard of them after the first you’re usually more than willing to stay for the second.  There’s something really decadent and homey about having a couple of glasses of wine as we’re watching, it is exactly like being in your front room only with an utterly massive screen and thankfully without having pets stomping over you. Usually we’re sprawled on the sofas munching on cupcakes drinking wine enjoying the atmosphere.

One thing I’ve noticed from going to as many of the Movie nights as I can, it is how few people know about it. When my friends mention it to other people outside of their circle, they haven’t heard of it. Which is such a shame. Although there is something lovely about not having to be squeezed in! It still seems like bar a few regulars huge swathes of people who would probably love it don’t even know about it. It seems such a shame.

I am absolutely bouncing with excitement about ‘Action Bingo’ and with Nosferatu tickets booked for tomorrow night and 1920’s flapper wear picked out for it, its lovely to see the emergence of film in the Ulster Hall’s repertoire. I cannot wait to see where the film programme is going to go next. So get yourselves down there folks and say hi to me, I’ll probably share the cake.  Long live the MovieBar and long may it reign as Belfast’s only cult cinema!

Bingo! (Just practicing for friday)