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This has been a busy weekend, I’ve assembled some pictures which haven’t all been this weekend but some from last too.

I know your eyes are not deceiving you, that is indeed a full body picture of me. Possibly the first one since 2005 (‘ not even kidding) so erm yes quite a big deal and a decent indicator of 1. how much champagne I’d had. 2. How much I like the dress.


Lots of shopping at the fantabulous Soap and Glory, pots of tea, bunches of tulips, Wonderwoman pants, dog walking, dinners out and baby pictures.

It has been a lot of fun, I especially loved getting all dressed up for drinking and dancing to Rhi Rhi in The Washington with Gary and Claire. I hadn’t been there really before but it was pretty cool. The bar clears out a lot downstairs as everyone moves upstairs to dance, lovely. Easy to get a drink and then be able to shoot upstairs for a dance whilst the boys have a natter downstairs. Great night. And it gave me an excellent excuse to wear my lace dress.

I’m tired just thinking about it.


Tonight I headed out with lovely Claire and we hit some Cathedral Quarter Bars. Mainly ones she hasn’t been to before which obviously meant lots of new experiences. First of all we hit the Spaniard, its a very small bar for those of you who know it, for those of you who dont- its small.

I very kindly took a photo of Claire taking a photo of me lol. The bar was nice but it smelt like shit in there and there were no snacks, this is of course bad so it was deemed neccessary to move. We jumped from one extreme to the other and went to the Merchant!

This was my Gincognito in the Merchant which was tres tasty. We also got lots of free snacks which just were soooo lovely. I think we managed to get 4 refills on them with our 2 drinks. We also got a very sleasy bloke deciding to come sit with us. Clearly trying to impress he tried showing us his £500 bar and lunch bill from early expecting us to ooooo and ahhhh over his expenditure which to ba fair UTV were apparently picking up. Unfortunately me being me went ‘Creme de Menthe? you spent how much on creme de menthe?’ lol. Ah well bless him he was deflated after that but Claire and I made our escape before he followed us.

Next stop was the Duke of York as I was fairly sure they did snacks. Oh and yum they did Magners.

Yes I use straws, because you know supping isn’t that lady like lol. These drinks were immensely lovely as of course were our pub crisps which were actually called Pub Crisps. Here is a picture of Claire and her excellent boobage saying just that!

See pub crisps!

We also notice some awesome table art painted on the corners of the tables most awesome indeed and very very random. Here is an example or 3…


Back to the Future…

Oh and this gentleman was staring up Claire’s skirt for the whole night. The very dirty Ronald McDonald.

He has a very odd grin on his face….I maintain its from looking up Claire’s skirt all night. It also shows the sheer randomness of the table paintings I think. Just to finish off here are some pictures of myself and Claire…

oh and again

And now of course to finish it has to be a picture of the pug doesn’t it?