We all know that #twitrelief is auctioning off follows and prizes from celebs with the proceeds are going to Comic Relief and everyone is happy!

But here’s the thing, it needn’t just be for celebs, loads of amazing twitter people out there who aren’t celebs have great things to offer! Amazing crafters, great artists, tech heads, designers, brilliant shops, bakers, bloggers! There is a huge network of people who have great fun things to offer and want to do something for comic relief to raise money why not let this be it?

So here it is, we have our own #plebtwitrelief same as the celebs but with our own prizes, and the proceeds still going to comic relief! So how can you get involved!? Read on!


1. I want to join in but I don’t know what I’m meant to do first?

First of all decide what you want your prize to be, it can be something really small or big or even completely hilarious and random. It is up to you, perhaps pick something you think others might want? Some of our participants are artists so are doing a custom drawing for the winning! Others are giving some posh deli cupcakes, we have mug collections from an amazing store, we even have some New York friends doing a New York care package for the winner of their auction. The prize can be anything, maybe you run an online shop, or have an etsy account, are you a florist, will you clean the winners dog, redesign their webpage, give them an iphone tutorial, do you have a spare ticket to a show? Any prize you want!

2. How does it work?

Well pop on to eBay once you have your prize picked, maybe take a nice photo of it, or if you want to custom make something for your winner, pop some other pictures of things you’ve done onto the page so they get an idea of what you’re offering.

List yourself as a seller, give all the information about the proceeds going to Comic Relief, let your buyers know you’re part of Pleb Twit Relief. Detail what your prize entails for any buyers and click the button indicating that the proceeds are going to charity. Your auction can be however long you want it. Aim for it to finish perhaps just a little before the big Comic Relief night so you can avail of the publicity and people wanting to get involved.

Put your link on your twitter account directly to your ebay auction and let EVERYONE know about it!

3.What do I do once the prize has been bought?

Like any other auction invoice the seller, thank them for buying, collect the prize money and send out the goodies. Once you’re done pop on to the Comic Relief website¬†https://www.rednoseday.com/donate? ¬†source=ppcgpaid_cam_Fundraising_adgrp_Donate

Then send them the money you’ve collected from your auction. I know naysayers out there will be all ‘oh but how can you make sure they give the money’ I trust you all, I think if you’re going to all the trouble to get involved you’re going to be awesome enough to send all your winnings to Comic Relief. If people want to keep the p&p costs it is absolutely up to them.

4.I don’t want to set up an auction, can I still get involved?

Of course you can! You can BID! You’re the most important part, the bidders are generating the awesome monies for Comic Relief!

If you want to be involved but don’t want to set up an auction maybe you can give your prize to another participant and they can auction and send it on ebay for you?

It is up to you.

From pairs of tickets to the movies, driving lessons, a hand knitted scarf, a lovingly made cake, anything goes! Lets raise some money for Comic Relief!

If you don’t want to do it but do want to donate to our effort go here ! http://my.rednoseday.com/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=60030