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Ive been asked quite a few questions about the pink/purple hair, and I’ve promised to put up some decent photos in the light. Above is the best I can do. I took it the other day so its fairly recent.

Ok so I’ve been through my feed and I think I’ve got the most asked ones, I know I did a previous post similar to this but it might be better to get them all in the one place as I get asked a lot of the same questions. This seems gloriously indulgent but hopefully it’ll answer some of the questions I’ve been asked.

1. What dye do you use?

I use cyclamen by Crazy Colours. It’s a purpley pink, you can buy it online or in any Sally’s Beauty Supplies. It comes in heaps of different colours. It is a semi permanent dye.

2. What if I can’t find crazy colours?

That’s ok, there is also another brand called Rusk which they also do in Sally’s or online. I used it when my hair was a dark purple. The colours are really similar and it’s also a semi permanent dye. One of the reasons I use crazy colours instead of Rusk is that I find Rusk doesn’t last very long. I got really fed up of having to constantly redo the colour nearly every time I washed it. I’m sure if you have more bleached sections in your hair it may hold longer. But for me Crazy Colours was the way forward.

3. What’s your natural colour?

My hair is naturally a dark blonde, but Ive had it a darkish brown for a few years when I dyed my hair cyclamen it was from a dark brown.

4. Will the colour take to my hair?

This honestly depends on so many factors. The person who asked this was dark haired though so I’ll answer on that front. My hair was dark when I dyed it, I wanted some lighter hued segments and an overall purpley tone so I bleached up sections of my hair. Chunkier slices at the bottom and smaller strips at the top. The dye will be most vibrant on the bleached pieces. Its nice to do it all over the hair because then you’ll get a much nicer tonal effect.

If you don’t want to bleach your hair, it will still take but it’ll just not be as bright It depends on the colour you’re putting it on. If its a lighter colour it’ll be stronger, darker colours will have less of an impact. If you’re interested have a look at the darker bits of my hair, its plummy but nowhere near as bright as the other bits which have been bleached.

5. Is it hard to put the dye on?

Really the most annoying bit is the bleaching. If you’re going to bleach it depending on the colour of your hair you’ll need a stronger peroxide. I use 12% because mine is darker but it bleaches it right up. I just use gloves and segment the hair and put it on, once on blast it with a hair drier to speed the process. With bleaching unless you want an all over lightness less is more you can always add later and smaller sections of brightness are easier to deal with when it grows out.

Adding the crazy colours is the more tricky part. Not because its difficult but because although the facets of crazy colours is that its long lasting, this also means its an absolute nightmare to get off anything it comes into contact with.

You MUST wear gloves.

You MUST use vaseline or something similar round your hair line etc as it just doesn’t budge. With normal box dye, it isn’t very hard to get out of skin etc but this is a whole other beast entirely. I once jumped into the shower to wash it off, by the time I had washed it out most of my body was BRIGHT PINK.

It takes quite a few washes to get the dye out so I’d say plenty of shampoo and keep your gloves on when washing it off. Try and avoid any skin contact with the dye full stop! It has great longevity but short of straight bleach it is a nightmare to get off skin and bathroom fittings. (Im really selling it aren’t I?) But its best you know what to expect.

6.How long will it stay on?

Most of the time when I’m redoing mine it’s because my roots are coming through or because the dye has faded but not usually because it has come out. So it depends on how much you wash your hair, how porous it is. I’d estimate maybe 8-10 washes in my hair. It can be trial and error usually it’ll just fade the more you wash.

7. How come your hair isn’t as bright as the colour?

There’s a couple of reasons for it, firstly my hair was really dark and Im not a big fan of bleach, my hair is thick, curly and prone to dryness. Add bleach to that mixture and it turns to straw. So I’ve basically taken to doing little bit by little bit. I use Aussie leave in conditioner as well just to stop it getting too damaged. I’ve done about 3 rounds of bleach in my hair now, so it is interspersed with really bright sections but the others are less so.

Secondly I just didn’t want an all over flat colour, it looks amazing on some people but I like being darkish. and the tonal elements make it look a bit more natural, if pink can be natural. Maybe I just mean the lay out of the colour seems more natural.

8. Why do you dye your hair at all?

Because alas, I am not a natural pink.

Hope this helped and I answered all the variations of questions. Happy dying and please let me know how the colours go, that means pictures!


I finally got bored of being dark, every now and then I feel the need to go back to basics but again I got bored. I went back to my plum and pink. Mainly because part of me feels a lot more vibrant when my hair’s a bit brighter.

I had a bit of a grump the other day. I felt very drab and boring. I wear a lot of blacks and greys and purples so it just adds a kick of colour. I’m naturally very pale so dark hair can sometimes be a bit much, its rather nice when its plummy though. It opens up a lot of fun with green eye shadows, greys and plums, plus I keep my layers relatively short, messy and choppy highlights work well with layers.

Anyway I used crazy colours in Cyclamen, I’ve used Rusk before there are two main differences between the two colours. Firstly crazy colours will hold to your hair whereas rusk doesnt seem to take as well. I’ve used Rusk and by the next wash it is nearly out. So the upkeep is really high with Rusk. It’s not so high with Crazy colours. Mainly because it really does give the hair some full bodied colour. Here’s the downside though, it is really messy. Your whole bathroom will be covered in pink, it took me an hour to wash the excess out at one point. If it gets on clothes etc you’re best just burning them, it doesn’t come out.

The first time I used it I did what I’d done with other colours and just jumped in the shower to wash it out, well when I came out I was a nice shade of fuschia pink…all over. Let me tell you this Violet Bauregard had nothing on me! So I learnt my lesson, next time the gloves stayed on to wash it out and I did it over the shower instead of in it. If you’re using crazy colours don’t get naked with them..

So now I’m feeling all like myself again I am ready for the party season! Anyone else?

I never normally wear my hair up, I dont know why, I think its mainly because my hair is cut to be very choppy and it is rarely ever tidy. So as I was heading out for a walk with the dog, lots of scarves on I thought I’d do some plaits. Ok so Im 27 and a little bit old for plaits but I rather like them…

I was at dinner with some friends the other night, in case you were wondering it was a nice Italian, I had a Spaghetti and it was lovely but i digress. Anyway so its me and the girls and we’re sitting over our wine and like most times we start rooting through our bags for chewing gum (post garlic) so people don’t faint at the smell of us- and as friend after friend pulls out huge bulging bags of products from their handbags I had a little sigh inside.

You see its been a running joke for a while now that I travel light, make up wise. I don’t take my bag to the bathroom to touch up, I don’t bring a make up bag out with me full stop. My friends get a bit horror-struck at this but they shouldn’t and I’ll tell you why- I actually love products! I do I can’t help it, but I love GOOD products which do what they say they will. Im that woman standing at the end of a counter in boots shrieking with joy because there’s an offer on something I love. Either that or thrusting my favourite products at anyone who comes near with a slightly maniacal gleam in my eye, promising them they will work.

You see this is the thing, I love expensive ‘spoil yourself’ things but I hate spending a fortune on things that don’t ruddy work and I found that out the hard way. I refer you to the Armani foundation of 2004- ‘Armanigate’ as it has been known, which was all the rage and I went in paid my stupid amount of money for it and it was utterly mundane. Now you may be saying ‘Dawn its a face powder, seriously what were you anticipating?’ Well I say this to you I do not want the world to think I’ve just come from a restoration costume ball! So the Armani face powder was a goner and I’ll tell you this dear reader, I don’ t think I’ve ever recovered from it. But what I have done has been to develop an absolute joy for things priced well that work beautifully and mean you don’t need 12 different things for the one task.

So from the rise of such low-cost shops like Primark, we’ve all become desperately bargain savvy, the following recession and rise of the supermarkets have meant we actively enjoy paying less than before for things. Now the frugal shopper is the smart shopper instead of cries of ‘oh yes its Marc Jacobs you know’ when someone flips out for the new bag you are carrying its  ‘Yes its Primark you know £8’  and isn’t it much more satisfying? Sure if we all had bank balances like  Donald Trump we may be unconcerned but for some time I have been of the opinion that more expensive isn’t always better when it comes to beauty products.

I used to be a beautician and for a brief spell I worked for a certain large posh French skin care company whose name begins with C and ends in S and what did I learn from that? Well primarily that the £60 moisturiser that i was selling actually isn’t that brilliant, in fact there are better and much more cost-effective on the high street for under a tenner. Yes I know the premise has been done repeatedly but I want to list some of my ABSOLUTE favourite products, they’re cost-effective, I would not be without them and they are just glorious at doing what they say they will. They’re the best.

1. Soap and Glory -Flake Away

flake awayThis is the most amazingly wonderful product. I fell in love with it a while ago when someone bought me a Soap and Glory set. Now apart from Soap and Glory’s wonderful packaging which is very evocative of Benefit’s their products are great, this one gets particular mention.

As all skin lovers know, the exfoliant is your friend, getting rid of any dead skin cells releases the new ones and makes you look glowing and fresh and also makes your skin baby smooth and ready for a good moisturizer. Now I’ve used the big boys Clairns, Benefit, Yves Saint Laurent so I didn’t hold out too much hope for this but how wrong was I. Containing peach seeds, shea butter and smelling of ‘leafy greens, bergamot and mandarin, with floral and fruity middle notes, and a soft, sexy, musk, oakmoss, amber and woody drydown’ apparnently either way it smells great and actually holds its scent on your skin which is lovely.

It comes in a paste similar to a salt scrub and is perfect for dry areas and non dry areas (I use it everywhere!) It is utterly wonderful, as it exfoliates it moisturises which means when you dry yourself down after the shower, not only is your skin looking superb its amazingly soft and feels so moisturised with the shea butter that you dont need to use your normal body moisturiser afterward.

I can’t recommend this one enough it just ticks every single box. And what is the best news? Well it retails at £6.50 in Boots for the 300ml tub. Not sure if you will like it? Well go into Boots and buy the little pot 50ml, for only £2.25 BARGAIN! Go buy it now, and that’s an order!

2. Too Faced- Lip Injection Extreme

make upAh this one is a longstanding favourite of mine, it sort of started the serious lip tingling plumpers that are around now. I first bought this about 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Im a big fan of lip glosses and have used so so many of them but this by far is the best. So much so I bought some for my mum and aunts who are now converts also.

Bear in mind Too Faced also make ‘Lip Injection’ which is the less tingly version which in my opinion doesn’t work as well. Now this version goes on and boy does it sting! But it only stings briefly and you get used to it very quickly, the result though is splendid, giving you gorgeously glossy bee stung lips dark pink from the blood flow to them. It is the perfect finish to any make up and it is the best I have ever seen. I take one of these with me in every bag I possess, you dont need big make up bags this little number is perfect. There is no better for plumping.

This is slightly more expensive, around £17.00 but worth every penny as it keeps the lips plump for a couple of hours after application. Love it.

3. Eyelure- Semi Permanent Individual Lashes

eye lashesSo you don’t wear false eyelashes why would these interest you? Well let me convert you, these are small strands of lashes which you dip in clear glue and fasten with a steady hand and tweezers to your lash line. Now they’re great if you just want a longer section at the ends of your lash line making your eyes look bigger, or if you want a really easy way of keeping your eyelashes looking long and gorgeous all over the lash line.

Once these are fastened on they last up to 3 WEEKS! No having to fiddle and take them off every night, nope they stay on even with showers and eye make up remover.  The great thing about them is you dont actually need to wear mascara with them if you dont fancy it. Because they dont sit on the skin the way false strip eyelashes do they are nearly imperceptible when put on properly making your eyes look wide and full.

When you get bored of them or your own eyelashes are growing out and leaving a gap you use the remover with the pack and off they come! Fabulous, one of my favourite things and always on! You can get these for around £4.50 in any large chemist, saving yourself a lot of money on mascara and eyelash curlers!

4. Bourjois – Brush Foundation


Looking for your perfect foundation is the Holy Grail of many of us. They can be too thick, too oily, make us feel like we have caked on the make up, the application can be too difficult, not moving over our faces, the list goes on. Enter stage right Bourjois’ new brush foundation. Now this lovely little number combines application and product GENIUS!

I was already won over by their 10 hour sleep effect foundation which is was lovely and light, and this new brush foundation doesn’t disappoint. You click the button on the bottom and the foundation comes out of the brush’s middle then you apply it all around. The foundation is lovely and silky light , giving a matt look which will ensure your eye make up does not contact smudge below making you look like a panda. It also doesn’t require you to apply a lot, because it has such lovely coverage. So you don’t feel caked under foundation and your pores wont hate you for using it.

Lovely light foundation which moves beautifully, saves the mess of sponges and applicators and it looks ruddy swish. You can pick this up at any Bourjois stockist for £11.95. FAB!

Now that is a run down of a few of my must haves, I’ll be picking up the must haves again with the next post, expanding the horizons and generally giving out some more dollops of advice!

Happy pampering!