hair tutorial

This is so easy, and the more you practise the faster you’ll get. These are some little victory rolls, they’re not the full ones but I think these are slightly more wearable.

1. Section off hair.Keep your front section down.

2. Pull hair to the side.

3.Pull hair out and roll it back on itself.

4. Roll it round until you get a shape that looks smooth.

5. Pin, from the back it so they aren’t so obvious. Use as many pins as you need to, but mainly secure the base of the twist. The roll should be twisted round on itself, you should be fastening at the bottom, in the roll.

6. Take the other side of the hair, this will be a smaller roll. Pull it out.

7. Using the same scissor technique with your fingers, loop it back on itself.  Fasten with pins.

8. Spray liberally with hair spray. Add flower clip for decoration. You can pin the rest of your hair up for a very 1940’s look complete with tea dress. Or leave it down and curl the ends.