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For those who don’t know about #twebrelief lots of us are Ebaying our own items, just like the celebs with the proceeds going to Comic Relief. This is mine.

Anyone who knows me and who reads this blog knows my love for all things vintage and Pin Up. So of course my prize to the winning bidder is a big box of Essential Pin Up goodies. Transform yourself, and this is all you need!

The listing is here

Here are some pictures!



Please do some bidding and lets get this going!


This has been a busy weekend, I’ve assembled some pictures which haven’t all been this weekend but some from last too.

I know your eyes are not deceiving you, that is indeed a full body picture of me. Possibly the first one since 2005 (‘ not even kidding) so erm yes quite a big deal and a decent indicator of 1. how much champagne I’d had. 2. How much I like the dress.


Lots of shopping at the fantabulous Soap and Glory, pots of tea, bunches of tulips, Wonderwoman pants, dog walking, dinners out and baby pictures.

It has been a lot of fun, I especially loved getting all dressed up for drinking and dancing to Rhi Rhi in The Washington with Gary and Claire. I hadn’t been there really before but it was pretty cool. The bar clears out a lot downstairs as everyone moves upstairs to dance, lovely. Easy to get a drink and then be able to shoot upstairs for a dance whilst the boys have a natter downstairs. Great night. And it gave me an excellent excuse to wear my lace dress.

I’m tired just thinking about it.

review soap and gloryWish Upon a Jar is a face cream, It’s a 21 Day course that I’m on day 5 of, hence this being the 1st part of the review. I wanted to give you some thoughts on the differences 5 days in. So my ‘buy it’ and ‘don’t buy  its’ will be based on results so far, let’s get cracking!

Buy it if -You need a moisture kick for your skin and want something that’ll give you seriously soft skin, seriously quickly.

Don’t buy it if- you don’t want to deal with 21 days of putting on a cream. But to be honest I’m grasping at straws here, I haven’t found any negatives yet.

Approx- £14.50

Looks- This is a fabulous looking little package, it looks like a little shiny sphere. Mirrored and gorgeous. It screws open and inside  is a peachy coloured thickish cream.

So what’s the craic?- Well this first 5 days I have used it religiously. Once a  night, no more and no less. The package says only apply it once a day and don’t overuse.  Soap and Glory claim it ‘boosts moisture levels, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, brightens tired skin and hides imperfections’  this is over 21 days.

So 5 days in and is there a difference? Well from the first time I used it I noticed the cream made my skin stay moist and soft all day. Because of this any make up went on really smoothly and it just felt great. I feel really fortunate anyway as I’m blessed with pretty good skin and I don’t have any lines yet, but I have noticed even in just 5 days my skin looks fresher. It looks as if I’ve just exfoliated. You know that sleuced fresh look, that you get when it’s all new skin? Yup that.

I just can’t get over the softness though, for some people it might be a bit much, perhaps if you have naturally greasy skin it may make you feel like your skin is even greasier. I cannot say. I have always had skin which has been dryish, not excessively so but I haven’t had greasy skin so those who are affected by it may need to try it themselves to get a better idea of how it affects their skin.

So am I going to continue using it? Absolutely. I wore no foundation or brightener the other day at all. Just plain ol my face so I’m gonna be interested to see how it progresses.

See you in a week for the day 12 review!

marevlipsBuy it if– You want to make your lips look uber sexy and plump.

Don’t buy it if– You want it to stay put, it really doesn’t. It seems to stay on for about ten minutes. Or if you already have beautiful massive bee stung lips a la Angelina Jolie, because you don’t need it. Instead buy it for your friends because they probably hate you and this will I’m sure help.


So what is it? Another Lip pencil? Well see thats what I thought boys and girls, I bought it and thought well I like lip crayons so I took it home and ooooo so much more than that! You take the pinky red colour side round the outside of your lips like you would with a lip liner. The crayon is very thick so you don’t get that scary over done thin lip line look. Instead the colour both lines and partially fills the lips. Once you are happy with the lovely curvy lips you have lined you take the other end which is a glossy white colour and dab it onto the center of your lips until they’re lovely and glossy.

I was quite surprised but it creates a lovely plumped lip effect. It really is a definite winner. Buy it now. That’s an order.

the fab poreBuy it if-You have any kind of pore enlargement, especially around the nose. Or perhaps you are prone to blackheads.

Don’t buy it if– you have ultra dry skin because it has a lovely property which soaks up any excess moisture to make your skin look healthier. I would imagine if you had very dry skin it might not be the best product for you.


I’m thrilled to say I’ve had quite a few tweets from folks who have gone and bought some Soap and Glory products because of the review, hope they like them as much as I do. Well I’ve been using this product for about three weeks now, the result, well I’ve noticed my skin is very soft and smooth. Have my pores minimised? Well I haven’t very big pores but I think round the nose they have tightened so I’m happy with that. I’m more happy about the fact that my skin is looking really soft and tighter.  I have also noticed my Bright Here Bright Now serum is soaking in a lot faster.

It has a clay like consistency and comes in a little pot of 50ml. It has lovely little beads in it which offer a slight exfoliation but they burst as you rub in. Rub it all over your t zone if you’re a bit oily in those parts, I tend to use it as a facial mask and put it over my whole skin for a deep cleanse. Soap and Glory list the active ingredients as:

– Fomes Officinalis Extract: a mushroom extract to tighten pores
– Salicylic Acid: which loosens up the dead cells that contribute to pore clogging
– Kaolin: that’s ‘cosmetic’ for clay. It sops up extra oil on your skin and smoothes your skin’s surface!
– Vitamins E & C: antioxidants. ‘

When you wash it off you really notice a smoothing of your skin. One of the things I”ve started doing is putting it on my t zone before I jump into the shower and washing it off in the shower giving my t- zone a really nice little boost. I’ve also found that because my skin feels really smooth my make up sits beautifully on it.

Give it a try it is a great price for a really handy little clay which really smooths out your skin.

trick and treatmentBuy it if -you have any under-eye darkness and want to freshen up your tired eyes.

Don’t buy it if- you have been naturally and beautifully blessed with flawless porcelain skin because you won’t need it. And you probably don’t need any products at all, you lucky, lucky mare *hates inwardly*

Approx- £9

I love this product. There I said it. I love it.  In the mornings when you’re feeling barely awake and your face looks as if you’ve had the worst sleep of your life this stuff is a life saver! I use it under my eyes as a brightener and in the corners to create that ‘open eyed awake’ look.

Because I mix my foundation with Bright Here Bright Now, I put the base on first and use Trick and Treatment around the eye area, blend it in and finish with some solar power duo bronzer for highlighting. The overall effect is really lovely and fresh. Because the reflective particles in the Trick and Treatment lighten any darkness they also make your eyes look brighter. According to the Soap and Glory boffins it also reduces the physiological causes of the dark circles, thus making them less frequent.

I don’t have very dark circles but I have used it on any blemishes I’ve had in the past in an emergency and its worked a treat. It gives a lovely glowy dewy radiance to your skin which makes you look bright and rejuvenated. I love it and I wont be without it now.

spray tanBuy it if-You want instant non permanent, spray on wash off tan and are able to use it sparingly

Dont buy it if -You want a dark all over colour or want to wear it all the time

Approx –£10

I spotted glow getter in the soap and glory stand and got very excited. Its a spray on wash off powder tan. I dont wear fake tan very often and I don’t like normal sun tanning because I’m obnoxiously preachy about its effects on the skin so I’ve used bronzers mainly and splurged out on the fakery only for those occasions where milk bottle legs just wont do.

So Glow Getter does it work? Well the first time I used it I looked like an oompa loompa its very very orange when sprayed directly. Having learnt the tactic now, the best thing to do is hold it roughly half a meter away and spray lightly giving you a more sunkissed look rather than oompa loompa.

To be honest if I hadnt already bought it I wouldn’t be using it. And probably wouldn’t buy it again. Although its really handy I think there are other powder tan sprays out there which aren’t as bright orange as this one. But if you are going to use it use it lightly and sparingly and it will look lovely and natural. On the plus side it stays put really well until you shower which is a fine attribute.

In summary not bad, bit orange, use it if you wish to create a more WAG look or if you have a very light trigger finger.